After-School Enrichment Classes

Roy Cloud PTO is excited to have our after school enrichment classes back on campus for the Fall 2021 program.  We are offering some great classes from Zumba Kids, Leadership through Dance, cooking, STEAM Classes, coding classes, language classes, chess, carpentry, art, and much more!  So many great, safe, and fun choices for our students to return back and pursue interests on campus after school!
Classes start the first week of September, so register by August 29th as some classes fill up quickly!


We are using the Homeroom registration platform to see classes, schedules, and pay for classes. It’s easy to create an account and register for classes.  
Classes offered through Homeroom:
Zumba for Kindergarten
Zumba for 1st-3rd grade
Leadership through Dance (Grades 4th-8th)
Carpentry for Kids (Grades 1st-5th)
Drawing with Young Rembrandts (Grades 1-3)
Robotics (Grades 1-5)
Monday Art Class with Kindergarten
Spanish (Grades 1st-6th)
Mandarin Chinese (Grades 1-6)


Some of our classes use a separate platform for registration. Starfire Education offers a great variety of STEAM classes and Coding classes.  We encourage you to look at both the Homeroom site and Starfire Education as both are easy to use. 
Classes offered through Starfire Education:
Coding-Scratch (Grades 1-5)
Coding-Python (Grades 6-8)
Beginning Chess (Grades 3-5)
Fund with STEAM Labs (Grades 1-5)

Questions and information can be directed to Mary-Elizabeth Robinson (