After-School Enrichment Classes

Welcome to the Fall session of after-school enrichment opportunities!  Even though classes are not meeting in person, many of these classes are fun and engaging ways for students to learn and engage in different areas of interests like cooking, art, dance, computer programing and engineering or to supplement the school day through history, math, languages, or book clubs.

The PTO after-school enrichment program uses an online platform called Homeroom, a one-stop website for scheduling, registering, and paying for after-school classes. You can schedule multiple kids at one time, and then view the schedules all session long.

The following are the fall session dates, set up at 4 week sessions so that students can try a variety of interests, or stay with what they are enjoying for a second or third session.  It also allows the price point to stay a little lower! (You will need to register separately for each session during the open enrollment time):

Session #1: Week of 9/21-10/12
Session #2: Week of 10/19-11/9
Session #3: Week of 11/16 (no class during Thanksgiving break week)-12/14

Enrollment for Session #2 10/8-10/22. To see what’s being offered and to enroll, please visit Roy Cloud’s Homeroom page and follow easy instructions during these enrollment dates.

In addition, we have some vendors offering some really awesome after-school enrichment activities that are currently enrolling. Please visit these individual resources for information and enrollment information.

Starfire Education

Starfire Education is offering a huge variety of small online classes from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  To see what they have open for enrollment for Roy Cloud students, visit their registration page:

Starfire classes are delivered by a Starfire teacher, live over Zoom in our Virtual Classroom.Students learn to think like 21st century mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, design thinkers, and artists. Your child will learn-by-doing, through discovery, by solving interesting, challenging, hands-on problems with professional coaching from fun & passionate mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, design thinkers, and artists.

ZOOM Book Clubs and Classes

Another great option/opportunity is from our after-school book club teacher for the past couple of years, Sharon Levin and her daughter Elise Levin-Guracar.  Both are amazing and fun teachers that really engage students!

For information regarding the following classes, please use this form.

Black Civil Rights History Class

This fall Sharon and Elise will be co-teaching an online history class called “African-American/Civil Rights History Through the Lens of Children’s Literature” (Part 1 for new students or Part 2 for those students that have completed Part 1).  This class is for students 11 years or older.

Testimonial from Part 1 of the Civil Rights class: “Thank you both so much for the class. M—- learned so much and I am thrilled that this was a defining experience for her summer. I am certain she will no longer see or learn about U.S. history without seeking out the perspectives of voices of color and asking herself what the real story is. I think that I am convinced, thanks to your effective work, that teaching civil rights history might be the most important antiracist intervention for children.”

Sharon’s Book Clubs

Sharon will also be offering online book clubs for 8-10 year olds, 11-12 year olds, and 13+ year olds.

Elise’s Math Classes

Elise will be teaching a variety of math classes for 4th-8th graders, which follow state content standards and have lots of engaging math content for students of all levels.


Another great option for enrichment classes is Outschool. They offer lots of online classes from lots of independent teachers from all over the country covering all kinds of topics and curriculum.


In a similar way, Homeroom is also offering a variety of classes taught by individual teachers (including Spanish classes!) you can find those here:

Hummingbird Music

Hummingbird Music is offering a ton of virtual classes via Zoom for all aspiring musicians from guitar to piano to singing writing.  You can go to the Hummingbird website for class and registration information.


Questions and information can be directed to Mary-Elizabeth Robinson (