After-School Enrichment Classes

Roy Cloud PTO is excited to offer some exciting Fall classes for our students!  Register and come join a class to learn something new, or spend time with friends doing something interesting and fun!
Please see the schedule on the registration page for Homeroom for individual class starting dates and times. 
We do coordinate with Neighborhood Kids Corner to ensure they are aware of which students are attending after-school classes.  However, it is very important that parents help their child understand what the days, times, and locations are for any of the classes they are attending.  We try to alert teachers in the K-3 grades which students are going where so that they can help students with any confusion, but it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the students know where and when to go to classes.  We appreciate your collaboration with this as it helps keep our students safe and feel confident in going to their classes.  


We are using the Homeroom registration platform to see classes, schedules, and pay for classes. It’s easy to create an account and register for classes.  
Fall/winter classes offered through Homeroom:
Spanish (Grades K-3)
Leadership Through Dance (Grades 4th-8th)
Zumba Kids (Grades K-3)
Fall Cooking (Grades 1st-8th)
Drawing & Cartooning (Grades K-3)
Ballet & Etiquette (Grades K-2)
Woodworker’s Academy (Grades K-6th)
Piano with Hummingbird Music (Grades K-8th)

Questions and information can be directed to Mary-Elizabeth Robinson (