Roy Cloud Parent and Teacher Organization


Hello Roy Cloud families!

Thank you for visiting the PTO website! Big or small, I encourage you to participate in the day of your student. Studies show that when parents are involved in children’s schools and education, children have higher grades and standardized test scores, improved behavior at home and school, and better social skills and adaptation to school. Read through the pages of this website to find out how you might volunteer and be part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is this: PTO works to bring quality programs to each and every student. The time you volunteer, the money you donate touches the entire community. Direct donations ended their official campaign on October 31. However, the race to keep our budget intact and maintain amazing programs for our students continues on a daily basis. Won’t you consider being part of our mission? DONATE HERE ANYTIME! Hitting 100% participation inspires and cultivates pride.

Thank you for your support and trust in all that PTO does on behalf of our students.

With gratitude,
Yvonne Sarles