Roy Cloud Parent and Teacher Organization


See the Superintendent’s COVID-19 Updates on school gatherings, activities, and resources

Dear Roy Cloud Families,

Regardless of cancelled events and school closures, PTO continues to work behind the scenes ensuring student programs and overall support to the school community remain uninterrupted once classes resume. We are extremely grateful for the successful foundation provided to us by the direct donations campaign and auction.

While we all navigate the uncertainty around events and activities for the remainder of this school year, please know that the below ​minimum necessary functions​ must be completed by the end of this school year. We need your continued engagement to get these done:
● PTO elections ensuring key volunteers are in place for 2020-21
● Approved PTO budget for 2020-21, allowing for PTO-funded programs to continue

Thank you for your support as we move through these different and difficult times. We understand and respect that many of you are working through your own family’s challenges and do not have the bandwidth to engage in PTO right now. But for those of you that can, please engage. We will continue to update you through the Thunderbolt. If you are able, please join the virtual PTO meetings as posted in the weekly newsletter.

Stay safe,
Yvonne, Amy, and Jim
Your PTO Board